Stop Motion - Howzit!

"Howzit!"is a stop motion animation project about sea creature buddies hanging out together, sharing food and enjoying each other's company. "Howzit" means "how is it going?" in Pidgin ( a language made up of different language of the immigrants that resided in Hawai'i during the plantation days, a fusion of broken english along with other words originating from different cultures) This stop motion animation took a lot of patience and experimenting with material that was quite foreign. The story takes place under the sea at a beach in Hawai'i and about the act of sharing, wether it may be food or sharing it with good company. I pulled a lot of inspiration from my childhood growing up in Hawai'i and implemented it into my animation, the crashing of the waves, the way the sand sounds when you're underwater, the shimmering of the sun glimmering through the surface of the water.